Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it a flying dinosaur? The Steading Exhibition

Last week I returned to Paris after a trip back to Scotland to see my family. This was no ordinary occasion however, as I had timed my visit to coincide with the exhibition my parents were putting on in their home, a kind of open studio/open house affair lasting ten days. There were many invited artists, with work spanning painting, jewellery, kinetic sculpture, video, ceramics, textiles and furniture design. As I was rather constrained by the stingy Ryanair baggage allowance, I decided that what was required were some lightweight, flat packable pieces, and I had the brainwave of making this collection of birds, planes and one lonely pterodactyl from stiff grey board, decorated with acryllic. Each piece can be slotted together - no glue required! I created a little installation above the kitchen table, hanging each piece with invisible thread.

The birds hanging above a table laden with posh canapés!
Display of my ceramic jewellery

 Photos from the exhibition, featuring work by, from l-r, top to bottom: Andrew Walker, Jill Brennan, Paul Grime, Nigel Bridges, Eve Kime, Linda Kinsman-Blake, Claudia de la Peña, Robin Kinsman-Blake.

l-r, top to bottom: Helen Kemp, Sam Wade, Craig Mitchell, Antoine Lizan, display of my cards

 Fantastic ceramic piece by Craig Mitchell

Beautiful kinetic piece by Sam Wade

The exhibition was a great success, with a lively opening and lots of visitors throughout the week! Bravo! 10% of all sales has been donated to Friends of the Earth Scotland.

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