Friday, 1 June 2012


Hello! Introducing my new website, replete with new projects and unseen images. Less personalized in its design than before, but also a hell of a lot easier to update! If my old site comes up when you click on the link, just refresh the page and the new one should appear!


Abigayle said...

Your illustrations are just amazing, Lindsay! It's so nice to view them all on your new website, and it makes checking for new updates easier too. Did you also design your site? It looks so swell. :)

-Abigayle Soderstrom

Bryan Douglas said...

The fact that your website is easy to update makes it friendlier to you and to your visitors. And with that sense, we can immediately know what’s new and what’s going on. Anyway, I love your artworks! :]

- Bryan Douglas

Kevin Beamer said...

I can say that your site is simple, clean, and very well-designed. People would love it because of its simplicity to complement the user-friendly interface. Above it all, everyone’s going to notice your magnificent works of art! :))

Kevin Beamer