Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lady Avis and London

A new a5 sized image of a Elizabethan lady that will appear in an 'Postcards' exhibition at the Line Gallery in Linlithgow in October. More soon...!
As you might have noticed, I didn't quite get it together with the pop-up exhibition (due to lack of space and time and becoming briefly housebound due to rioting!) Oh dear, famous last words. I actually had a bit of a holiday instead - involving LOTS of culture, including a wonderful trip to the Horniman Museum, a trip to the fantastic ceramics department of the V&A, a weekend in Brighton - (the Pavilion is amazing!)... and much more. Back up in Scotland the noo, and in the process of sorting out my plans... Anyway thought I should nourish the blog with some work, since it's been a while!

I went to see this wonderful installation by Carnovsky at DreamBagsJaguarShoes in Shoreditch. When viewed through red, green or blue filters, the layers of printing emerge and recede to reveal breathtaking flora and fauna. At night, the same effect is achieved by changing coloured lighting. Magnificent!

Attractive lady on a plate in the V&A.

Fantastic ceramic lion in V&A.

Brilliant masks display in the Horniman Museum!

Brighton Pavilion, alas you're not allowed to photograph the interior.

Aaaaah, and finally! I went to Ottolenghi in Islington as well... Best meal ever, and Yottam Ottolenghi came in while we were tucking in, bonus.

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