Sunday, 22 May 2011


Stockport College Illustration student Laura Gilbert has conducted an interview about my work over on her blog, which contains interesting posts on many different illustrators... My responses do go on a bit; I've never been good with word counts!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Storlann Part 2

As promised, more title pages from the Gaelic short stories I've been illustrating.

Wedding Smells

So my sister and her man are going to be wed soon - naturally it fell to me to produce their wedding invite. Printed up in glosssy postcard form and finished with nicely rounded corners, I think it does the trick!

The Trans-Siberian Art Centre

A piece of my work recently went on a long and exciting journey to a far-flung place - all the way from Moscow to Beijing on the Trans-Siberian Railway to be exact, as part of an experimental art project by Britt+Jon, called the Trans-Siberian Art Centre. The work of 150 artists, in postcard form, plastered the cabin walls of a train carriage, exposing the work to unsuspecting passengers, and throughout the two week journey, performance artists performed site-specific pieces, to the bemusement/amusement of those on board and on station platforms.The project seems to have been a great adventure. Read all about it here.

All Images courtesy of KITCHEN projects, 2011

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Matthew at the Fruitmarket Gallery informed me of this illustration-tastic event next Tuesday in the Gallery - Amelia Gregory of Amelia's magazine is coming for the evening, and doing a talk amongst other things - Click on the poster above for an enlarged version - hopefully you'll be able to read it!

I have returned with renewed vigour!

Hello! Well, it's some time since I've posted anything, but let me say it's not from want of things to post - more a combo of being rather busy and keeping things under wraps! I've been occupied since I last wrote, illustrating a book of gaelic short stories by assorted contemporary authors, for Storlann, the Scottish National Gaelic Education Resource Agency. It's been lots of fun, and a somewhat new direction for me, the illustrations all being in black and white and employing more photoshop than yours truly has previously been accustomed to. The cover has to remain a mystery until the book is out in Gaelic schools after the summer, but I can gladly share with you some of the 28 interior illustrations. The ones below are some of my favourite title pages for the individual stories - essentially little visual compilations of events and images from the tales.

Perhaps that's plenty for now - I'll post more throughout the week to keep things interesting!