Thursday, 27 January 2011

Kettering Craftcase

I have been on quite a ceramic jewellery drive this month, producing loads of new pieces for a forthcoming display in the Alfred East Art Gallery in Kettering in Northamptonshire. Do go for a look, on the slim off chance that that is your patch! Below I attempt a rather primitive photo story... following the jewels from pre-firing to coming out of the kiln and having their fittings glued on!

I've had great fun trying out new designs, especially with making hairslides and rings - helpfully demonstrating below how impractical it is to wear several at once.

... And a friendly bear in some jazzy knitwear to finish.


Libby Walker said...

I love that knitwear wearing polar bear, can me have it please? If it not already sold? xx

Lindsay Grime said...

hello! well, they are all in Kettering now... but when/if I get them back you certainly can! oh by the way, d'you get my text?

Stephanie Webb said...

Lindsay you flipping genius! Those rings and hairclips are adorable

Terracotta-Lily said...

ooooo! Saw your work in the Biscuit Factory but these are loverly.