Thursday, 27 January 2011

Kettering Craftcase

I have been on quite a ceramic jewellery drive this month, producing loads of new pieces for a forthcoming display in the Alfred East Art Gallery in Kettering in Northamptonshire. Do go for a look, on the slim off chance that that is your patch! Below I attempt a rather primitive photo story... following the jewels from pre-firing to coming out of the kiln and having their fittings glued on!

I've had great fun trying out new designs, especially with making hairslides and rings - helpfully demonstrating below how impractical it is to wear several at once.

... And a friendly bear in some jazzy knitwear to finish.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Gingerbread Hoose

Gingerbread and royal icing make great building materials, as I discovered this Christmas when I knocked up this baby.

The Zone of Ablation

Greetings! Happy New Year and all that jazz! Yes, January is upon us, cold, grey and a bit rubbish. But wait, you cynic! Fun, interest and enchantment are just around the corner - this Friday a pop-up exhibition opens in Ruthven Mews Shopping Arcade off Glasgow's Byres Road. The show then runs for 4 days only. Co-curated by Libby Walker and Joanna Susskind of Toad's Caravan, the exhibition will feature some of their own work, as well as the following:
Rosalind Thomson, Orla O'Neil, Erika Stevenson, Max Raskin, Circa Vintage, Soizig Carey, Lesley Barnes, Steven Bonner, Klingatron and myself.
Should be an interesting mix of photography, illustration, jewellery and much more besides, all exploring icy winter themes...
Launch Night is this Friday from 6pm. The show is upstairs in The Ruthven Mews Shopping Arcade- follow the signs from top of Ruthven Lane, perhaps see you there!
I've produced a new piece for the show... here is a preview of a little detail of it for your delectation.