Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Recent Escapades

Here's a wee piece of Xmas-themed promo, and an idea I've been wanting to make happen for ages...and finally found time for. The play is a classic old 'un involving a miser and a disapproving angel guilt-tripping the old geezer into more fitting festive behaviour. The theatre neatly folds and lies flat enough to put in an envelope, and (hopefully) survive a journey in the post before springing back to life!
In other news I also recently rustled up these illustrations for Laura Grime's book of compositions penned by her numerous protegés - a fun and colourful project. Meanwhile I've been working on some new ceramics, some of which must remain under wraps for the time being... but I can show you this bad boy.


Andrew Denholm said...

Some amazing designs Lindsay. Really different and imaginitive.

Lucy said...

Your promo piece must have taken ages, it looks great though! Hope everyone who gets one phones you up and gives you piles of work.
Merry Christmas, by the way. x

Lindsay Grime said...

Thanks pals... Merry Christmas too!

Fiona Purves said...

WOW I love the theatre, amazing work as always!