Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hands Shadows

My illustrative life as ever revolves around the birthdays of family members, father in this instance, and a card inspired by a lovely fold-out guide to shadow hand puppetry I picked up in Pollock's Toy Shop in London on a recent trip. 'Tis a marvelous retail destination, as evidenced by my indulging in rather a lot of pounds worth of toy theatres, dioramas, fold out carousels, scraps and the like. Also in London, among other splendid delights, you can find Pollock's Toy Museum which I wholeheartedly recommend, it's a great day out for the toy-fond among you. I would have taken a ridiculous number of photos had my camera not been maliciously destroyed at a party the night before. Sniffle. Not to worry, I have a new one, digital cameras are cheap as chips these days. Good job, as it allows me to show you some snaps of fantastic David Hockney etchings I recently enjoyed at the Berwick Gymnasium Gallery, alongside the work of Berwick childrens illustrators of whom I am one, kind of.

Also, last weekend's exploits: Libby Walker, pattern designer extraordinaire and ex-eca cohort and I crisped up in the blazing sun while selling our illustrative wares at Glasgow's West End Festival. A blooming good time was had by all, not least our fishy friend, though he didn't enjoy being trampled upon I'm sure.
And Finally, if you're partial to a spot of bird-life you may enjoy my Bjork-endorsed costume at this year's Edinburgh College of Art Revel (read: HUGE Party of the Year Extravanganza.)


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

love the hand shadow illustration and the fair looks like fun...adore the costume...you're a brave lady!

Victoria Stitch said...

oh i love pollocks toy shop!!!! also your costume is very impressive!