Sunday, 16 May 2010

Welcome Home Jewellery Showcase

'Ello again, just a note to inform you of this jewellery showcase that is taking place next weekend (exclusively) in the lovely Welcome Home in Glasgow. A few of my jewels will be on display alongside quality pieces by over ten designers. Should be good! You can now see all the latest designs of mine on flickr as well.


Yes, I am perilously excited by this as you can tell from the use of uppercase in the title, mainly because it has taken a ridiculously long to time to put everything in the shop and my jubilation on finishing is great. After yesterday's craft fair adventures in Edinburgh I've put my remaining pieces on Etsy in a bid to say 'Out with the Old! AND in with the new!' So things are quite cheap on there you might notice - bargains dare I say? Ceramic tiles, tablets and jewellery to be had. I've even plonked in a few well-place mystery freebies. Not because there's anything wrong with them I hasten to add, more because I'd like to get rid of them and make new stuff, which I am going to go and do now. Ta ta!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

You can buy cards on my Etsy Now!

Yes, you may have noticed that I've got a fertile imagination when it comes to blog headlines, and today's is a particularly good example. Taking self-explanatory to new heights, it only leaves me to provide a link to said Etsy shop, and insert an enticing looking image of one of my seven new designs. Cards are currently all you can buy in the shop, but post-craft fair I will be stocking it up with other fancy goods of the ceramic variety!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Glad Tidings eh.

Another craft fair! Waay. This one promises to be a corker, top class, unmissable etc. Made in the Shade are putting on this beauty in the Roxy Art House next Saturday the 15th and I shall be there manning my joint stall with the work of Lizzy Stewart. Said Lizzy is sadly in absentia, but her trusty cohort and fellow art wizard Verity Keniger is going to step into the mannning void so I won't be short of company! I've been busy crafting to the max in preparation and have given my line of jewels a spruce up and a new name, The Grime Jewels. As in the Crown Jewels, see? Have loads of new designs, and gone on a bit of a colour riot, so watch it. Also printed a few hundred cards in 7 new designs... and will be peddling some of my remaining Home Sweet Home plates and knick knacks. Keep an eye out for the crafty cut-price to clear selection of jewels I'm trying to get rid of, bargains guaranteed!
Also, Nota Bene, jewels of mine are also retailing in Che Camille in Glasgow, the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Printmakers. Plates are showing in the Strathearn Gallery's summer show.