Thursday, 29 April 2010

Mother's Ruin 2: Details to Follow

Somehow I've clean forgotten to follow up on the Gin Palace's second event I partook in a couple of weekends ago... so here's some visual proof of the affair! 'Twas jolly good, and incredibly well attended, bravo to all involved! I intended to better document the show but my camera's battery promptly died when I returned on the sunday afternoon, so alas I haven't much to show but these feeble attempts!


Stephanie Webb said...

Looks great Lindsay! I recently designed a wallpaper for someone with plates on and it reminds me a little bit of your lovely stuff! But less 3D, obvs. x

Lindsay Grime said...

oh thank you Steph, just checked out your blog and saw said wallpaper, it's really funky, good job! Is someone going to have a whole wall of it? I hope so!