Friday, 8 January 2010

Around the Wo-rld Around the Wo-rld

While the snow onslaught continues, I am ensconced in my room, chained to the easel painting a set for a musical kids show that my sister is creating, with the fantastic theme of a trip around the globe. The set is going to comprise three square panels, two of which I've completed already. Working for this age group is a good laugh; you don't have to scrupulously avoid clichés and the like, according to Laura anyway. All the better I say! - for it means I can paint a moustacheod french man dressed in beret and stripes playing an accordion. What could be more fulfilling? I road tested the panels so far on some local tots, who mistook my sari-wearing Indian woman for Joseph, dad of Jesus, which all goes to show that ensuring absolute geographical accuracy is not so very vital.


Laura Callaghan said...

These are coooool-lovely work!

Lindsay Grime said...

thanks laura... I like your moustache!

Erika Stevenson said...

hell yeah, these float my boat grimey, keep up the good work x