Friday, 16 October 2009

Furthermore, here's my new website

I've returned to the British Isles after a lengthy and satisfying (and financially draining) trip away... Task one: update the website. Check! All new layout and some new work too... about time too I'd say!
You can now also visit my rather meagre shop (soon to set up a rather better stocked one once my bank card is sorted)... but nonetheless it has come into being and items can be bought therein!


Lucy said...

The new website looks great Lindsay! Hope you had a nice time away. Do you recommend Big Cartel? I need to set up a shop but I don't know whether to use it or Etsy.

Lindsay Grime said...

thanks lucy.. well I set up the big cartel because i heard you need a credit card for etsy... however it has since transpired this is not actually the case... you can use a debit card just as easily... so I'm currently switching to Etsy- big cartel allows you to list for free, but only up to a max of 5 items- after that you pay a monthly subscription- so not so good- with Etsy you pay small listing fees then they take a 3% cut of the sale, so it's much better! hope you are well..!