Thursday, 29 October 2009

Nouvelle Shop

I have created a brand new fantastic etsy shop stocked with some stocking-filler friendly bits and pieces...

Friday, 16 October 2009

Furthermore, here's my new website

I've returned to the British Isles after a lengthy and satisfying (and financially draining) trip away... Task one: update the website. Check! All new layout and some new work too... about time too I'd say!
You can now also visit my rather meagre shop (soon to set up a rather better stocked one once my bank card is sorted)... but nonetheless it has come into being and items can be bought therein!


Yes, indeed, a craft fair a cut above the rest is taking place on Saturday the 24th of October in the Bowery, Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh, from 12 noon until 6... there will be many a stall selling delectable handmade items, as well as food and music of the highest order, so I'm told. Anyway, I would say that, because I'm one of the stallholders. Yes, I'll have a table packed with ceramic jewellery, cards and the like. Tell your friends!
Location of the Bowery
Here's lots of info about the event and participants