Friday, 31 July 2009

Illustrative 09

Illustrative - english version
Check out Illustrative 09 Award's Blog, including this smashing image by Martin Haake, by clicking above!

Owl and Lion Gallery at 3D2D Craft Fair

The Owl and Lion Gallery, ever-intriguing enliveners of Edinburgh's Grassmarket, have a space at this year's 3D2D Craft Fair at the West End of Princes Street (the bottom of Lothian Road – follow the link for all the info!)... and myself, Lizzy Stewart and Genevieve Ryan are just some of the young whippersnappers selling an array of desirable illustrated items therein... Above you can see just a few of the vast array of ceramic jewels I've been creating for the purpose. The fair is always a really nice event with a genuine feeling of the festival – we entreat you to come along!
P.S It runs from the 8th to the 30th of August.

Selected Graduates at the Biscuit Factory

Melanie Schofield, curator at the Biscuit Factory gallery in Newcastle has invited me to show the six plates which appeared in my degree show in a 'Selected Graduates' Exhibition. Since I'd decided to keep the originals for myself, I've reproduced them all specially for the show, where they will be for sale. Here's the full set above. The exhibition runs from the 5th September to 12th October, pop in for a peep if you're in Geordieland.

The Boy who felt like the Joker in the pack

Here's an attempt at an editorial about a Norwegian man who has suffered from tourette's syndrome since childhood, despite his doctor's dismissal of the disease : 'We don't have that here in Norway.' That was the old days don't you know.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Degree Show of Me

My what a busy madamemoiselle I've been. Here I am a month later just getting round to posting a photo of my degree show. Just for the record, n'est-ce pas? Alas I was in a rather narrow spot in the show, hence the dodgy camera angle. Here's a few more for your inspection.

The Expanionist Portfolio

My portfolio is expanding, one editorial at a time, this one for an article about vicious gossip rags putting the boot into celebrities taking risks with their wardrobes. Not that I remember a time when 'celeb' style was all that enthralling. Jennifer Anniston is the doyenne of dull dressing apparently. No disputing that, I'd say.