Sunday, 5 April 2009

Plus de Ceramiques

Ah oui oui, plus de tests. Thinking of producing two sets of six plates, one all blue, and one brown plus other colours like the one on the far left...then deciding after I have the results... Bonne idée? Which is the most pleasing to the eye? Then imagine you are six years old; which is the most appealing now?

If my illustration career fails I might become a professional cake decorator and get paid to do this kind of thing.


Anonymous said...

that cake is amazing... hmm and guess who's birthday is next! woop haha

i've already emailed you my comments about the ceramics but i LOVE the pizza one and the first one (colour version of marie and pierre). superb madame grime, absolutely fabulous! looking forward to seeing the final product x

fiona said...

c'est fantastique!
from a six year old view point, i'd have to say the pizza one in the middle and the blue gateau ones are most appealing... can't wait to see them as finished plates!

Lindsay Grime said...

merci amies... Just finished glazing the plates, and awaiting firing soon! Excited I am.