Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Queen of Hearts

Ha. Well here is my new and hopefully improved two colour self-promotional postcard, minus my friend the lion, who was cluttering things up rather; sorry old chap. Now, if only I can get all the corners nicely die-cut with a rounded edge I will feel most rewarded.


Sophie Elm said...
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Sophie Elm said...

Hello Lindsay! I'm loving the book and really really like this image...though being a fan of many colours, I muchly like the Mr Lion version too!

Sophie x

Lindsay Grime said...

Oh thanks Sophie, nice to hear from you! You still doing the book with Jennifer? How's everything going?

Sophie Elm said...

I am indeed. It's very close to being complete, but those last few bits and bobs seem to be taking forever! I'm trying to do some more of my own work too.

It looks like your final year is action packed and very productive! I'm looking forward to coming back and having a peak at the degree show!