Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Obsolete Self-Promotion

For the next couple of weeks we fourth year illustrators are engaged in a collaboration with 3rd graphic designers with the aim of producing snazzy self-promotional postcards peddling our illustrative wares on one side of lithographed A6...Alas, having knocked up, ahem, slaved over this playing-card inspired image yesterday I this morning received the unfortunate news that said postcard brief now has even more challenging constraints, in that it can only be in two colours, one of them black! So since this sadly won't be seeing daylight in a proper context otherwise, I thought I'd give it a moment of glory on the old blog.


Gen mow said...

this is amazing! i think you should still make it into a self promo in some other way. got any plans for the duo colour one? it's sooooo annoying! i'm sure you'll do something fabulous :)

Lindsay Grime said...

Oh I redid it already... actually I think the restriction made it turn out better in the end!