Thursday, 18 December 2008

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Writing Images

My visual offering to an Edinburgh University postgraduate English student...She's going to respond to it through the medium of creative writing, while I have a piece of her writing to illustrate!

More Cards

I often think the work I like most is the stuff I turn out quickly with minimal preparation in the form of birthday cards like these...

Ten Pieces of Nonsense

Or rather, just two pieces from a book of ten self-penned and illustrated nonsense rhymes made this September.

Advent Calendar

Oh yes, here's the advent calendar I made some weeks ago at the request of Jill Calder as a piece of Xmas self-promotion... Something of a blogging backlog here...

Home Sweet Home

A couple of pieces from earlier this year made as gifts and thusly residing chez mes parents...The birthday card in particular (inspired by erasmus exchange in la France, and pinned here to an aesthetically pleasing noticeboard) gives a hint of work to come!

Christmas Card for 2008

A wee Christmas card I whipped up today at the behest of the family, featuring some favourite characters...

Keep Calm and Carry On

Some images of a recent cardboard piece (painted with acrylic and marker pen)made for the group exhibition Keep Calm and Carry On in an abandoned flat (with attached stone vaults) on Edinburgh's Niddry Street in late november. The show consisted of diverse and exciting work made by 25 graduating students of painting, sculpture, intermedia and illustration at ECA. I'm hoping this piece can enjoy a life beyond the exhibition; it may well pop up again in my degree show...